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3 Basic Components



Material: Black extruded aluminum

Size: Rails are 2”, 3” or 4” in height for Thin and Standard profiles; 6” high rails are also available for Standard profile. Standard profile rails are available in any width up to 90”; Thin profile rails are available in any width up to 40”.

Configurations: Minimum height is 2” and can increase in 1” increments. Signs can be installed next to each other to create larger widths.

Profile: Specify Thin, Standard or Box rail.




Material: Painted ABS, aluminum or wood-grain laminate, and window inserts with paper and protective lens. Custom materials are available. Exposed channels on Modular window inserts are black; satin aluminum finish and additional painted colors are available.

Size: Inserts range in height from 1" to 24" and may be grouped together to achieve heights greater than 24".

Application: Inserts slide horizontally onto the rail.

Copy: Inserts are available blank and with copy. Copy applications include direct print, vinyl, laser print, subsurface, silkscreen, engraved, integral ADA, applied ADA, and subsurface ADA.




Materials: Aluminum for Standard and Thin styles; 2”, 3” and 4” Round Corner and 2” Slimline painted end caps are ABS plastic.

Application: End caps secure inserts to rail. End caps are removable with an optional tamper-resistant locking feature.

Style: Choose from seven styles with painted or satin aluminum finish. Satin aluminum finish not available for Round Corner.